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Part-time IT Director – CTO – CIO

Semantic provides Part time IT Director, CTO, CIO roles to help your business with skills and experience without the full time expense.

We are experienced Board Directors and specialists in IT and Digital Transformation planning and implementation.

We hear all the time that many organisations, especially SME business and Independent Schools have a real need for the experience of an IT Director (CTO), however there is rarely a full time need or cost justification.

IT systems and infrastructure are now critical to the operational efficiency, and competitive edge of organisations of all sizes and type. The new era of consumption based services such as Azure and Amazon AWS, is hugely complex and cannot be ignored as a potential future strategy. However there are many things to consider including ongoing cost, security, control and accessibility to name a few. 

You may need a Part time IT Director/CTO if:

    • You do not need or cannot justify the role of a Full Time IT Director.
    • You may have a temporary need for an IT Director or CTO, due a recent employee leaving or on notice.
    • You have an IT or Digital Transformation Project to deliver that needs experienced management.
    • The business is undergoing a supplier review or tendering process, and needs independent guidance of the process.
    • You have an experienced IT team, but inexperienced IT management team, so need a bridge between technology and the business.

Some of the benefits and value that part-time Directors can bring to you are:

    • Strategy – Your part-time IT Director/CTO will work with the leadership teams to review the business position today, assess your current performance, and determine what changes could be made to best position you for the greatest opportunity for further success.
    • Experience – If you’re considering bringing on a part-time IT Director/CTO, whilst not crucial, the right person could have been a Director in a similar industry or size of business.
    • Flexibility – A part-time IT Director/CTO can be great value, starting from as little as 1 day a week or even a fortnight if that makes things easier at the beginning.
    • Contacts – Your chosen part-time IT Director/CTO will have contacts in certain fields, such as investment or industry specific relationships that you could be introduced to as and when they are needed.
    • Leadership and Coaching – It’s critical to get the best value from your part-time IT Director and they can bring with them additional leadership and coaching skills, helping you grow your team as with the business.
We provide Part Time IT Directors and CTOs to organisations throughout the South, South West, London and the Midlands. 

If you would like to find out more about how a Part Time IT Director or CTO can help your organisation, and the likely costs involved contact us today.

We will arrange an initial call back, talk through options and discuss the next steps