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Part time Director roles can help with skills and experience in areas such as; IT, Finance, Operations, Marketing and Sales.

If you don’t currently want to appoint a full-time Director but need the experience and skills, taking on a highly experienced and qualified part-time Director could be what you need.


Experienced Non Exec Board Members are a fantastic cost effective way to get a new perspective and breadth of experience for your business.

Non Exec Board members are proven to be a vital way to get great value, outside experience helping to define Strategy and Growth. 


Strategic Business Coaching and advice perfect for ”start ups” and SME Businesses owners.

  • Are you already good and want to be great?
  • Are you making some profit but want to make more?


Helping organisations with their Digital and Data Strategies.

  • Be ready to make informed decisions on your IT Strategy. 
  • Working with your teams and through our network of contacts we review the most suitable SaaS and Cloud Services for you.