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How we help Schools with independent IT strategy and governance

Part Time or Ad Hoc IT Director Services for Schools

IT strategy and governance is vital to ensure correct compliance and safe guarding to your staff and pupils.

In our experience, many independent schools are finding it hard to keep up with the challenge to deliver leading edge technology, in a safe and secure manner.

Moreover many schools have IT technicians or teachers managing the IT environment, and bursars controlling the business element. This structure leaves an obvious void between the onsite technical team and the business focused bursar.

This is commonplace, as justifying the need and expense of a full-time strategic IT Director is often challenging, but without that role, who is defining your strategy? The technicians, the bursar or the IT provider?

Lets explore each:

The technicians:

Never to be underestimated, the onsite ‘boots on the ground’ technicians keep the lights on, and the systems operational. But very often are more lacking in higher level strategic and business experience.

The bursar:

Obviously the bursar has extensive business and often financial experience and acumen. However it is often the case that the whilst the bursar would have high level understanding of the IT function, sometimes would have to be led by the technicians or IT provider.

The IT provider:

A safe pair of hands as an IT partner is crucial. However many IT providers naturally have chosen preferred partnerships and technologies which they are accredited to supply, install and support. They are however rarely totally impartial or independent, and will design solutions for you around what they want to sell you, not always what is best of breed in the market for you. And at that stage you are not always getting what is best for you, rather a solution that will work from the products that they provide. 

How can we help?

At Semantic we have consultants who understand the technology, and business challenges.

We are experienced negotiators, and have many years experience in partner management.

We can provide Part Time IT Directors on fixed term contract or flexible, affordable per project terms.


Management and governance of data, security and technology as a whole is only becoming more complex. Expectations of your pupils and parents are increasing, all bringing complexities and head aches to the business.

Our services are affordable and to ensure your satisfaction we operate a 1 month trial. Our only interest is serving you, your school and protecting your pupils.

If you would like help with your digital strategy and roadmap, contact us today.

We will be delighted to arrange a FREE initial consultation to discuss your situation, and arrange the next steps to help you on your journey