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Part Time HR Director

We provide affordable, Part Time HR Directors in your area, with flexible terms either on contract or pay as you go.

Experienced HR professionals in business is crucial to all organisations where you employ people.

At Semantic we believe that HR supports the business and employees in many ways, such as;

Compliance and Governance

      • Ensuring that all policies and processes are in place, updated and followed. 
      • Providing valuable protection to the organisation and ensuring fairness and equality for employees 


Learning and Development

      • Putting in place regular group and/or individual training, coaching and personal development plans and practices to help develop individuals. This aids employee engagement, retention and greater value to the business and the employee.


Incentives and Rewards

      • Ensuring that the organisation has employee incentives and rewards in place, to provide greater employee retention and satisfaction. This also sets the organisation aside, as being an employer of choice. 


Remuneration guidance and bench-marking

      • Assisting the organisation with setting salary and remuneration policies for all employees and Directors


Managing talent acquisition

      • Working with key stakeholders to ensure that all employment needs are met effectively
      • Where necessary, managing relocation, local taxation, and repatriation if necessary 
      • Put in place succession planning, providing a grow from within model and getting the best from your teams.
      • Reducing employee attrition


HR teams and people management

      • Where an existing full or part time team of HR employees exist, we will provide coaching, management and mentoring to build the most effective team.

We provide Part Time HR Consultants and Non Executive Board members in your area, with HR specific and generalist knowledge.

High quality, cost effective and flexible term HR advice and guidance could significantly help with your growing business. We help organisations in Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and throughout London, the South, South West and Midlands.

If you would like to find out more about how a Part Time HR Director can help your organisation, and the likely costs involved contact us today.

We will arrange an initial call back, talk through options and discuss the next steps