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Enabling and managing remote working effectively

Remote working is here to stay, but how can you support your teams and business better?

One answer could be to deploy the market leading application for remote workforce management TransparentBusiness.com.

Suitable for most verticals including legal and professional services, TransparentBusiness.com is a web based “pay per user” application, which provides a suite of tools to facilitate greater collaboration, visibility of task and project status aswell as performance and time management.

The key benefits of the TransparentBusiness solution are:

Smart Management and Collaboration

Efficient coordination of your workforce and ability to provide immediate feedback

Increase Productivity

Achieve a 25-40% productivity increase by tracking every billable minute

Top Curated Talent

Effortlessly find workers or contractors with the skillset best matching each job requirement

Efficient Communication

Best tools to discuss any task or project, including multi-level chat and wikis

Monitor Performance

Including billing and cost data for your entire business, or for a specific team or project

CIA-Grade Security

The project data is stored on AWS Cloud, authorised by US Gov’t to store CIA data


How to Transparent Manage Remote Teams

Team Room

Easily manage your entire workforce

Time Sheet

Monitor worked time and manage workflow

Individual Work Diaries

Daily activity logs and productivity meter for each team member

Smart Gantt Chart

See real-time status and cost of every task and project

Project Management

Collaborate with your team on project

Smart Business Data

Immediate access to real time data/dashboards/statistics

To see more features on the TransparentBusiness.com solution, visit their website or to view written and video articles go to News pages

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