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Business Growth and Cloud Transformation Consultancy


Part time Director roles can help with skills and experience in areas such as; IT, Finance, Operations, Marketing and Sales.

If you don’t currently want to appoint a full-time Director but need the support, experience and skills in your business this could be the answer. We offer a free consultation, to review how you could benefit from taking on a highly experienced part-time Director.



Experienced Non Exec Board Members are a fantastic cost effective way to get a new perspective and breadth of experience for your business.

Non Exec Board members are proven to be a vital way to get great value independent experience for your business. Helping to define Strategy and Growth. From only 1 day per month to as much as you need, our Non Executive Directors will provide



Strategic Business Coaching and advice perfect for “start ups” and SME Businesses owners.

  • Are you already good and want to be great?
  • Are you making some profit but want to make more?
  • Do you have an exit plan and are working toward it?
  • Is the work more than the reward you are currently receiving?
  • Has progress plateaued?



Be ready to make informed decisions on your Cloud and Digital Technology Strategy. 

Working with your teams and through our network of contacts we review the most suitable SaaS and Cloud Services for you. Our CloudOps, and DevOps Consultants to help with your Cloud migration and Dev Services such as Container development environments like Docker and Kubernetes


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Don't wait to get in touch, for less than you think, you can have experts helping you today!

Our service is affordable, highly flexible and tailored to suit the needs of your Business or School.

You could have a Non Executive Director advising and attending Board meetings for only 1 day per month, a Part Time Director for 3 days per week, you choose whats right for you, and we will scale with your demand. We even have Cloud Developers working remotely whist the customer sleeps. 

Just think of all the areas that we can help your business in the next exciting part of your journey ‘where will you be next year?’

We are already helping Business owners in Construction, Food Production, Branding, Hospitality and many more.



Recent testimonials given about our Consultants


The initial guidance that I needed was crucial to the next evolution of my brand. 

Using an external business coach has given me a fresh perspective on critical factors. Sometimes you can be too close to your business and using an independent specialist to give me focus has been so valuable to me so far. My business is going from strength to strength and so is our working relationship.

Dominie Fearn


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say GREAT JOB!! 

You’ve really got this sales team ticking, we’re doing more revenue (and have more forecast) than this Division has ever done – and it’s all been done on your watch. 

So a huge well done and a massive thank you from me personally.


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