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Part-time Director

Part time Director roles can help with skills and experience in areas such as; IT, Finance, Operations, Marketing and Sales

If you can’t currently justify appointing a full-time Director but need the experience and skills, taking on a highly experienced and qualified part-time Director could be what you need.

Some of the benefits and value that part-time Directors can bring to you are:

    • Strategy – Your part-time Director will work with the leadership teams to review the business position today, assess your current performance, and determine what changes could be made to best position you for the greatest opportunity for further success.
    • Experience – If you’re considering bringing on a part-time Director, whilst not crucial, the right person could have been a Director in a similar industry or size of business.
    • Flexibility – A part-time Director can be great value, starting from as little as 1 day a week or even a fortnight if that makes things easier at the beginning.
    • Contacts – Your chosen part-time Director will have contacts in certain fields, such as investment or industry specific relationships that you could be introduced to as and when they are needed.
    • Leadership and Coaching – It’s critical to get the best value from your part-time Director and they can bring with them additional leadership and coaching skills, helping you grow your team as with the business.
    • Management support – As well as the excitement, pride and financial rewards that it brings, often being at the top and running a business can be lonely, having the support of an experienced part-time Director who has been in your shoes, can be vital to helping you make the right informed decisions. When you need help to make decisions on organisational issues or face other challenges, your part-time Director will be there by your side, giving great value advice and feedback all the way.
We provide part time Directors to organisations throughout the South, South West London and the Midlands. 

If you would like to find out more about how a Part Time Director can help your organisation, and the likely costs involved contact us today.

We will arrange an initial call back, talk through options and discuss the next steps