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New services available August 2020

New Services available to our Clients

Thanks to a new addition to our team we now offer a range of HR and People services such as:

    • Recruitment 
    • Contracts
    • Induction
    • Training and development (initial and ongoing)
    • Employee retention
    • Performance management
    • Employee SAT surveys (360 or bespoke)
    • Leadership training
    • Strategy
    • Policy
    • Process
    • Documentation


Specific focuses are: 

Leading Legally:

    • Leading and development
    • Performance Management
    • Enhance Performance and Optimisation
    • Leadership and Management training


Employee Engagement:

    • Culture and Diversity
    • Incentive
    • Reward and recognition
    • Coaching and mentoring


Learning and Development:

    • Bespoke training for business requirements
    • Goal and objective Setting
    • Development Strategies
    • Skills gap analysis


Customer Focus:

    • Bespoke training for business requirements
    • Awareness workshops
    • Improvement initiatives
    • Customer experience and satisfaction survey/analysis


ISO Preparation

We can help you manage the internal project of ISO 9001:2015 preparation,  working with the certification body, and internal stakeholders for a satisfactory outcome



At Semantic we help by providing independent guidance in a flexible, affordable way, payable by the hour, or flexible contract terms.

If you would like help with your business contact us today.

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