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Business Coaching and Consulting

Strategic Business Coaching and advice perfect for ”startups” and SME Businesses owners.

    • Are you already good and want to be great?
    • Are you making some profit but want to make more?
    • Do you have an exit plan and are working toward it?
    • Is the work more than the reward you are currently receiving?
    • Has progress plateaued? This is a common issue with startup and new businesses, you start, work hard, grow and then growth slows and  your revenues plateau. This is a crucial time to get external help!


We know that sometimes being a business owner can be a lonely job, we have walked in your shoes.

Our Semantic business coaches can help in many ways, including being a sounding board and a confidant. Many of our consultants have started and run their own businesses so we know the issues you face. Our coaches are there to help you find solutions to the business issues quickly and effectively. It may not be their main function, but it is an invaluable one.

Business Coaching is often the favoured route of business owners and Managing Directors because it is considerably very time efficient and effective.

However it is important to remember that business coaching is not; personal counselling, life coaching or PowerPoint based training. Business coaching is a program to help key stakeholders and the business accelerate performance. We will help you focus on understanding the value in working effectively, by focusing on “high value” tasks, and make positive improvement to help you achieve your goals.  

We individually tailor our service to your needs and our service is entirely outcome focused.

By instructing a Semantic Business Coach, you will receive advice, support and so much more.

If you would like to find out more about how a Business Coach can help your organisation, and the likely costs involved contact us today.

We will arrange an initial call back, talk through options and discuss the next steps